The Rooms

To come, to be surprised and to remain.

The serenity of the countryside and the elegance of the rondea houses inspired the interior designers to create cozy and balance atmosphere of 19 rooms and suite, each one different and equipped with all comforts that the leisure and the comfort need and a lot of variety of olives oil give name.

Characterized rooms by a scrupulous respect to the original architecture of the spaces that in his origin shaped the farmhouse and to his elements. Domed ceilings, girders of wood, soils of mud and stone.

The ancient thing and the modern thing

A commode of the 18th century close to Amadeo Gabino's engraving. A perfect balance between tradition and functionality.

Decorated in hot tones, in all of them the comfort and the space go of the hand to offer to the guest an agreeable and comfortable stay.

Rooms to be, that they invite to the calmness and the easing. A book, a glass, a conversation or the simple contemplation. The time does not count.

And after his windows, the courts, the olive grove, the vineyard and the garden: melancholy in autumn, splendid and full of life in spring and fresh air in summer. Sounds, those of the water. And in the horizon, Round.